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Check out my GOALS.

How to, when to and why to set goals for your business.

“It’s really important to set goals” Is a phrase that is tossed around frequently in business and planning. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, we know you’ve probably heard it a million times, but setting a range of goals will help you get through the uncertainty at the moment, and help you stay on track next year. Here are our top tips for setting your goals. 

1. Understand that a goal is really more of a ‘guideline’
Things change. Pandemics happen. And life doesn’t always go according to plan. Not meeting a goal does not make you a failure - it just means that you need to readjust your guidelines. We know that 2020 has thrown a major spanner in the works for many, however there is no need to despair - readjust your goals and keep going. Remember that all your goals don’t have to be huge and life changing - set a number of goals that are both big and small!

2. Look at your goals regularly, and make changes in your business as you need to
When was the last time you sat down and looked at your goals? Checking these out just once a year is not going to keep you on track. Grab a coffee (or a wine, we love both) and make time to look at your goals once a month. Evaluate how close you are to achieving these, and set milestones or tasks to ensure you stay on track.

3. Work backwards
Once you have set your goal, you need to work backwards and find the techniques or pathways to achieve this. For example, if you would like to grow your revenue, how will you achieve this? How many new clients will you need, and what are the costs associated with this? Do you need to hire new staff to achieve this goal? What processes do you need in place to streamline this process? Working backwards from your end goal helps to create a pathway for you to follow. 

4. Delegate
Goals can be both big and small, and delegating these to different people within your team can ensure that you’re all on the same page. Give your team the opportunity for growth and learning new skills, and share the load. 

5. Ask for advice
Talking about your goals is a fantastic way to ensure that they are actually achievable.
It’s one thing to say that you want to take your start up to a 100mil company in the first year - it’s very different when it comes to trying to achieve this! Meeting with an expert can ensure that you set realistic goals and come up with a solid plan for how to achieve this. 

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